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Welcome to Los Rios CCD DO-IT

This information is intended for Los Rios staff/faculty. While it is not confidential, it is also not for public utilization. Some of the links provided are for Intranet services and may only be accessed from within the Los Rios network.

DO-IT MissionTop of Page

We connect our communities. Through technology, we provide access to opportunities to build knowledge, skills, awareness, and success.  We enable innovation and transformation through the application of standards based technical solutions. We deliver technology services and technology-enhanced solutions to support and advance student success, enrich educational opportunities, and personalized learning environments and support services.  We deliver administrative solutions and productivity enhancements that consistently meet the changing needs of our constituents, our students, our faculty, our staff, our colleges and our district.  We provide secure, stable, robust, reliable, available, scalable and operationally sustainable technology solutions.  We provide superior technology support for students and for all instructors and internal college support organizations contributing to the success of our students and to meeting the needs of our communities.

Vision & Guiding PrinciplesTop of Page

We transform the nature and culture of communication, the gathering and sharing of information, the acquisition and enhancement of knowledge, the opportunities to access learning environments and the learning experiences and working environments of students, faculty and staff.  We enable the transformation of Higher Education.

DO-IT has Identified the following eight principles to help guide us for the next five years:

  • We are one team, focused on ensuring student access and enabling student success
  • We creatively apply technological solutions to collaboratively achieve institutional goals
  • Our work environment encourages professional growth and motivates people to excel
  • Our customers are pleased with our service and our level of communication and collaboration
  • We securely and reliably deliver the right services to the right people at the right time
  • We protect our data, our assets, and our customers
  • We are cost-effective and operationally sustainable
We are a standards-based IT organization

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