Initial Assessment: Federal, state, and local accountability mandates (e.g., IPEDS, Gainful Employment Reporting, Regional Pathway Partnerships, etc.) have been and are expected to rapidly increase over the next five years.  In order for District Research to continue to efficiently meet the mandates and their reporting requirements, the current reporting applications need to be refined and a new common reporting structure needs to be developed.


  1. Evaluate current state of District Research reporting applications and develop a common, nimble reporting procedure for IPEDS, Gainful Employment Reporting and the various Regional Pathway Partnerships that integrates with the PeopleSoft SIS.  
  1. Lead(s): District Research and DOIT Application Services
  2. Funding Sources: One-time and on-going Program Development Funds 
  3. College and District Roles: District Research will provide project and technical leadership on reporting requirements and DOIT will lead the PeopleSoft SIS review to support the project.  Advisory and business goal clarification will be provided by college research teams, VPSSs, VPIs, college Financial Aid and Instruction, and other vested college stakeholders as appropriate.

Indicators of Success:

  1. State and federal reporting mandates are accurately and efficiently met.
  2. The enrollment reporting percentage will be increased to be within the 95% threshold for all colleges.

Future Opportunities:

  1. Expand use of Degree Audit and Degree Course Applicability functionality to help support reporting mandates. 
Evaluate the reporting functionality within National Student Clearinghouse and PeopleSoft deliverables for additional enhancements and efficiencies.