Students expect convenient access to high quality student support services to complete college application and enrollment processes and to inform and support timely completion of their educational goals.  Student services faculty and administrators desire enhanced methods of communicating with students and efficient and effective ways of providing support services.  Therefore, the plan agenda items in this section support the 2016 District Strategic Plan (Goal 1: Strategy 2, Goal 3: Strategy 7, and Goal 5: Strategy 6) [Ref 1] and Accreditation Standard III.C. 1, 3, and 4 [Ref 2].  Initial assessments, plans, indicators of success, and future opportunities are as follows: 


1. 2016 Los Rios Community College District Strategic Plan (May 11, 2016) 

2. ACCJC 2014 Accreditation Standards

3. DOIT 2016 Program Review

4. DOIT 2016-17 Unit Plan

5. CampusWorks Second Opinion Technology Assessment Report (May 17, 2016)

6. Technology related Los Rios Community College District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations