Initial Assessment: Currently, Los Rios colleges assess students for math, English reading, English writing and ESL, using a combination of four different assessment tools from different vendors.  Sacramento City College is in pilot mode to convert to the California Community Colleges Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) tool.  One of the current assessment tools, Compass, was retired by the vendor on November 30, 2016.  The colleges using Compass have replaced it with Accuplacer until the state assessment tool is available for use.

The CAI provides a common assessment system (CAS) that includes instruments to evaluate students’ content knowledge and other measures that predict course and college success. The CAS will include access to assessment data for students and college professionals, as well as training on the use of assessment data to improve student success.  CAI selected Unicon to develop the platform and Link-Systems International (LSI) to create the assessment content. CAI finalized the competency maps that form the basis for test content and ultimately inform local placement decisions. The state CAI project scheduled to go live on December 1, 2016 was delayed and no new implementation date has announced.  The colleges will follow the new state implementation timeline when it is finalized.


  1. Mid and Long Term: Adopt and incorporate the state CAI tool.  Incorporation of the CAI tool will include the adoption of the CalPASS Plus Multiple Measures model incorporating state-wide student academic history.  An interface will be developed to integrate CAI results and information into the district’s PeopleSoft Student Information System. (SIS).  Authentication capability will be developed to allow use of LRCCD ID and password to gain access to State CAI tool.   
  1. Lead(s): Associate Vice Chancellor of Instruction (AVCI), Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services (AVCSS), DOIT Application Services
  2. Funding Sources: SSSP funding as appropriate
  3. College and District Roles: AVCI, AVCSS, and DOIT will provide project and technical leadership.  Advisory and business goal clarification will be provided by the VPI and VPSS Council, District CAI Implementation Workgroup, Academic Senate, other vested college stakeholders as appropriate.  District and/or college research offices will develop and administer faculty survey and research accuracy of student placements.

Indicators of Success:

  1. The CAI tool for English, mathematics and English as a Second Language is configured appropriately and along with multiple measures results in accurate placements as measured by faculty surveys and college research metrics.
  2. Multiple measures are correctly used in placing students.
  3. Individual student placement results are portable across all Los Rios colleges.
Placement results are successfully uploaded to state MIS.