Initial Assessment: There is an interest to establish student-focused seamless, integrated, and mobile friendly systems that provide high quality student support and allow the colleges to track the students’ journey from pre-application, to enrollment, to completion.

Colleges are increasingly establishing partnerships with K-12 schools that are intended to increase enrollment and educational goal completion through the enactment of academic and career pathways.  Sacramento area cities are establishing Promise programs to provide students financial incentives and support to attend college.  These efforts will require better tracking of students to ensure they receive appropriate support services and the colleges can better track student outcomes.


  1. Form a district-wide taskforce to explore the purchase of a student experience lifecycle (SEL) system or series of integrated systems that would provide high quality student support in a mobile friendly environment and allow the colleges to track and monitor a student’s journey through potential candidate, pre-application, pre-enrollment, enrollment, completion and alumnus status.  The SEL system would address three major student lifecycle phases: 1. Pre-Application, 2. Application and 3. Follow-up.  (See chart above).
    1. Lead(s):  Vice Presidents of Student Services (VPSSs), Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services (AVC-SS), DOIT Application Services, District Institutional Research
    2. Funding Resources:  Existing resources
    3. College and District Roles: Colleges will provide business goal clarification, identify potential products, and identify likely business process changes needed if potential tools are selected.  District will provide project and technical leadership. District Academic Senate will appoint faculty representatives to participate in the exploration and any selection processes.
  2. Based on outcomes of the SEL system exploration, determine and implement next planning steps.  If a fully integrated SEL system is not yet available and/or affordable, move forward with improvements to the Student Education Plan and/or Early Alert System as described in the alternate options.
  1. Lead(s):  VPSSs, AVC-SS, DOIT Application Services, Director of District Institutional Research
  2. Funding Resources: TBD based on outcomes of the SEL system exploration
  3. College and District Roles: TBD based on outcomes of the SEL system exploration

Indicators of Success:

  1. SEL systems/processes are identified and implemented to address need to track student lifecycle phases of 1. Pre-Application, 2. Application, and 3. Follow-up.
  2. Increased number of students who identify and complete pathways to attain educational and career goals in a timely manner.
  3. Research based on tracked data informs college and district planning to increase student enrollment and success.

Future Opportunities:

  1. Research and evaluate potential uses of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for student communication and orientation, which can be extended to support various student life cycles:  Prospect, Applicant, Accepted, Orientation-ready, Enrolled, Withdrawn, Alumni, etc.  CRMs can also produce data or reports that can help qualify and/or quantify outreach efforts.
Development of an embedded application template into e-Services to automate administration of specialized programs such as the Promise Programs.