Initial Assessment:  The Los Rios colleges’ curriculum management system (CMS) Socrates was created by a faculty member with input from district-wide curriculum development experts.  Socrates is housed and maintained by DOIT with support from DOIT staff.  Improvements to Socrates to meet evolving state curriculum requirements are requested by the Socrates Advisory Group (SAG) which reports to the District Curriculum Coordinating Committee.  Improvements are made by the original faculty developer with DOIT support for integration with PeopleSoft.


  1. Maintain current Socrates CMS system and improvement processes as long as they meet colleges’ needs and state curriculum requirements.
    1. Lead(s): SAG, faculty developer, and DOIT Applications Services
    2. Funding Resources: Existing DOIT resources and annual Chancellor’s faculty partial reassign time for faculty developer
    3. College and District Roles: College curriculum experts will identify needed improvements to Socrates for programming by faculty developer with support from DOIT. Colleges provide Socrates end-user training.  

Indicators of Success:

  1. College curriculum course and program outlines of record are accurate, easily accessible by end-users, and appropriately uploaded to state MIS.