Initial Assessment: Students expect faculty to use both on-ground and online instructional technologies to support student learning.  The CampusWorks assessment revealed that students wish more faculty were proficient in the use of technology in their learning environment. 


  1. College professional development centers’ personnel will inform and facilitate faculty use of the new California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office online Professional Learning Network (PLN) ( The centers will continue to foster faculty innovation through identifying and implementing new technology training opportunities and encouraging use of college professional development funds designated for faculty attendance at workshops and conferences focused on cutting-edge technology practices in education.
    1. Lead(s): College professional development personnel, instructional development coordinators, and distance education coordinators
    2. Funding Resources:  Existing district and college professional development funds
    3. College and District Roles: Colleges are responsible for meeting the training needs of their faculty.  The district will assist colleges with financial resources when extraordinary district-wide training is required in cases of compliance or new systematic technology tools such as the district approved LMS; and coordinate broad institutional memberships that provide technology leadership in professional development, e.g. EDUCAUSE.

Indicators of Success:

  1. Sufficient professional opportunities are in place for faculty to gain and maintain up-to-date technology expertise related to teaching and learning.
  2. Student surveys show increased satisfaction with faculty use of technology in their classes.