As mentioned earlier, prioritization of IT initiatives occurs throughout the organization. The process used depends upon the nature of the project such as instructional or administrative, and within administrative, whether it is application or operational/infrastructure. The District utilizes a participatory governance project to rank requests for enhancements and modifications to PeopleSoft and other applications originating from users in Instruction, Student Services, Human Resources and Business Services. Information included as part of the background information is an estimated cost and timeline. From that prioritization, District IT develops its budget request including projects that are planned for the coming year or years. The project list forwarded for funding is not all inclusive. Rather, using the prioritization by users as a guide, IT will assess which can be completed within its different functional areas. Dependent upon the nature of the projects and the area that is responsible for implementing, the projects brought forward for funding may not be in the overall priority order but will reflect the priority within that area. The budget process is to identify funding to support the requested projects relying on the processes that culminated with the budget request. If there is not sufficient resources to fund all the IT needs or if there are competing needs from other areas, then prioritization will occur following discussion with the affected areas.