District IT prepares an annual budget request that includes its operational needs as well as planned amounts for scheduled equipment replacement. In addition, budget requests are prepared for non-routine infrastructure, equipment, and project implementation. These projects may be completed over multiple years. Depending upon the amount required, funding may be done in phases tied to the expected duration of the project or may be fully funded in the year initially requested. From the budget perspective, the interest is to have the need identified as early as possible to allow time for funds to be designated.

The one-time funding sources for the three above categories are: PDF unrestricted lottery, interest income, Scheduled Maintenance Special Repairs (SMSR), mandate block grant, prior year recalculation and other one-time sources included in the PDF process. One-time funding varies however in the last ten years the range of unrestricted one-time funds available in the PDF process has been from $3.9M to $20.4 million. Excluding the significant amount received from the State for Mandate past claims, the average one-time unrestricted resources is $5.9 million over the past ten years.

The two primary uses of one-time resources are in support of facilities and Information technology. In addition to unrestricted funds, SMSR also supports these same activities. In 2015-16 and 2016-17, one-time resources in support of IT projects total $13.7 million. This substantial allocation is in support of a large-scale infrastructure upgrade throughout the District as well as other projects.