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What is a Project?

A project is defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken by or on behalf of DOIT that:

  1. Has a clearly defined beginning and ending date;
  2. Provides tangible and unique technology products or services;
  3. Fulfills a defined business objective to substantially improve business processes to a department or to the district or college;
  4. Incorporates significant changes to the technology architecture through new or existing systems.

Project Classification Scorecard

Use the table below to calculate a classification score for your project. This score will determine your project's scale.


Add 1 Point

Add 2 Points

Add 3 Points

Work Hours

Less than 200 hours

Between 200 and 500 hours

Over 500 hours

Technology Needs

In-house Expertise


New to LRCCD or requires system-wide change/training

Organizational Impact

Serves 1 Unit/Department/College

Serves multiple units or Colleges

District-wide impact


Well-defined solution; no problems expected

Solution is known; some problems expected

Solution is unknown or not clearly defined

Cross-functional Workgroups/Teams




Final Scoring

Use the total score from the above table to determine what scale-tier your project falls in to.

Score Scope

5 - 6

Tier 1 - Small Project

May be accepted and scheduled for initiation by an IT Project Review Team

Requires light documentation.

7 - 10

Tier 2 - Intermediate Project

May not be initatied by an IT Project Review Team

Requires CIO approval or may require IT Governance process review

Requires a Charter and mid-level documentation.

11 - 15

Tier 3 - Large Project

May not be initiated without full IT Governance process

Requires a Charter and full, detailed documentation.