IT Project GovernanceTop of Page

IT project governance is the framework within which projects are requested, selected, prioritized and monitored.

Primary Goals

  • Alignment of IT strategic planning with the overall strategic vision of Los Rios CCD.
  • Delivery of systems and services that are essential to the operation of the DOIT.

Before submitting requests

Users who wish to request a project must be prepared to:

  • State the problem, issue or opportunity this project addresses.
  • Describe at a high level what needs to be accomplished.
  • Describe the products, services or processes that this project will create.
  • Provide metrics for project success that can be measured later.
  • Identify the strategic goals that this project helps achieve.
  • Detail any technical or time constraints that project undertakers will face.
  • Detail the funding and resource requirements of the project, and provide options to acquire said necessities.

Faculty & Staff members should work with their departments. DOIT track all request in KACE. IT departments can  Submit a Request here.

After a request is submitted

The Project Management Office then reviews the request for completeness, and forwards those that pass preliminary evaluation to a Project Review Team (PRT).