Doing the Right Projects Right

The mission of the Project Management Office (PMO) is to support DOIT by facilitating project selection and tracking through IT Project Governance, and by providing our project managers with the resources they need to deliver expected results on time and within budget.

Project Life CycleTop of Page

The following activities and deliverables are guidelines for any project that has been approved by our IT project governance process and added to the Project Portfolio. By following the project life cycle, users can track the progress of projects, plan future stages of project development and ensure greater accountability throughout the project life cycle.

OriginationTop of Page

Origination Process

Identify a need
Develop/Submit a Project Proposal
Evaluate the Proposal and Prioritize
Assign a PM
Meet with Project Sponsor

Initiation Deliverables

  • Approval from the Sponsor to move forward and enter into KACE

InitiationTop of Page

Initiation Process (Templates)

  • Assign a project manager
  • Agree to a vision for the project
  • Refine the project charter
  • Establish roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the resources needed
  • Estimate costs
  • Determine a broad timeline
  • Assemble core team members and stakeholders
  • Identify departments impacted
  • Identify systems impacted
  • Assess project procurement needs and determine best course of action

Initiation Deliverables

  • Approval from the Sponsor to move forward
  • Updated project in Project Plan
  • Approval from DOIT Project Review Team (PRT)

PlanningTop of Page

Planning Process (Templates)

  • Gather functional requirements, scope of work as needed
  • Perform a risk assessment on new software and services
  • Review risks and develop a plan based on impact and probability
  • Assess the security issues for the project and its deliverable(s)
  • Identify special skills needed to accomplish project tasks
  • Identify special skills needed to support project deliverables
  • Develop a budget plan to include the life cycle cost or total cost of ownership
  • Assess the communication needs
  • Analyze testing needs

Planning Deliverables

  • Detail Plan in Project Plan with Major Milestones
  • Updated Risks in Project Plan
  • Budget, if needed, in Project Plan Briefcase
  • Communication Plan in Project Plan Briefcase
  • Risk Assessment and System Inventory draft in Project Plan Briefcase
  • Agreement on where to store working project documents (specifications, infrastructure, etc.) and who has access (if different than PMO Google Team Site). 

ExecutionTop of Page

Execution Process (Templates)

  • Execute the detail plan
  • Execute risk strategies as needed
  • Procure or secure required resources (hardware, services, software, etc.).
  • Execute the Communication plan
  • Implement testing plan.
  • Implement training plans.

Execution Deliverables

  • Updated tasks and milestones in Project Plan
  • Products and services defined in the scope of the project

Monitoring & ControllingTop of Page

Monitoring & Controlling Process (Templates)

  • Change management (original project scope, cost, schedule, and technical strategies)
  • Measure project performance against the plan
  • Manage project issues and risks
  • Conduct status review meetings; disseminate status reports
  • Conduct PMO audits

Monitoring & Controlling Deliverables

  • Acceptance of project deliverables
  • Approval for any changes to scope, deliverables, risks, resources and major milestones
  • Project updates in Project Plan
  • Project checkpoints
  • Documented Lessons Learned

ClosingTop of Page

Closing Process (Templates)

  • Document or summarize costs spent on project
  • Outline the long-term operational implications
  • Conduct a Post Project Review to review the Project Charter and discuss lessons learned
  • All invoices reconciled with appropriate business managers
  • Closeout project in Project Plan

Closing Deliverables

  • Closed budget
  • Documented Lessons Learned
  • Hand off of operations and support responsibilities
  • Approval to close the project
  • Project closed and deactivated in Project Plan