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The Transmission Infrastructure team is responsible for the physical layer of the LRCCD network from the service provider to the edge device, each LRCCD datacenter, each LRCCD main distribution frame (MDF) facility, each LRCCD intermediate distribution frame (IDF) facility, and each telecommunications room used for the provisioning and delivery of LRCCD network services.  They define and document the physical layer standards, communicate those standards to all affected parties, and enforce adherence to those standards. The physical layer of the LRCCD network includes all of Layer 1 of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model and as such provides the means of transmission of data and the pathway for all LRCCD networked data communications.  This includes all cabling, fiber or copper, used to transmit data within a building, between buildings at a location, between locations, and/or to the Internet service provider.  Beyond the OSI Model Layer 1, the physical layer responsibilities of the team include power and grounding, environmental control, physical security, and equipment racking, mounting and bonding.  The Transmission Infrastructure team is also responsible for documenting any changes to the physical layer, and ensuring that accurate as-built drawings are maintained and available for all district owned and/or leased LRCCD networked facilities.  Finally, this team is responsible for collaborating with all stakeholders involved in any network infrastructure project to ensure that the resultant work product meets district physical layer standards.  This team inspects both planned and completed work to ensure adherence to defined LRCCD standards as well as all applicable Federal and State codes and regulations.