When the Lync VoIP phones (Polycom CX600) are connected to the network, they rely on a few DHCP options to “hop” into our voice network.

Manually set the following options in your VOIP Scope:

  • DHCP Option 044 WINS/NBNS to a blank value
  • DHCP Option 015 value to losrios.edu
  • DHCP Option 042 IP Address value to

Run the following commands on your DHCP server which will affect your global DHCP scope.

Open your command prompt and input the following:

netsh <hit enter>

dhcp <hit enter>

Copy and paste the following:

server delete optionvalue 120
server delete optiondef 120
server delete class MSUCClient
server add optiondef 120 UCSipServer Binary 0 comment=”Sip Server Fqdn”
server set optionvalue 120 Binary 000D6C726363642D6C796E63646972056C72636364026164076C6F7372696F730365647500
server add class MSUCClient “UC Vendor Class Id” “MS-UC-Client” 1
server add optiondef 1 UCIdentifier Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”UC Identifier”
server set optionvalue 1 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 4D532D55432D436C69656E74
server add optiondef 2 URLScheme Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”URL Scheme”
server set optionvalue 2 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 6874747073
server add optiondef 3 WebServerFqdn Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Web Server Fqdn”
server set optionvalue 3 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 6C726363642D6C796E636469722E6C726363642E61642E6C6F7372696F732E656475
server add optiondef 4 WebServerPort Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Web Server Port”
server set optionvalue 4 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 343433
server add optiondef 5 CertProvRelPath Binary 0 Vendor=MSUCClient comment=”Cert Prov Relative Path”
server set optionvalue 5 Binary vendor=MSUCClient 2F4365727450726F762F4365727450726F766973696F6E696E67536572766963652E737663