To install the Lync 2010 client for Mac OSX, please follow the steps below.

1. Install the Lync client from the following location:

2. Import the LRCCD Cert CA located here:

  • \\lrccd-lync01\Share\Client\cert-ca.cer

3. Open the Keychain application and find this certificate “LRCCD-LRCCD-CERTROOT-CA” and right click and select Get Info.

4. At the top entry “When using this certificate” select Always Trust. This will make all the subitems change to always trust. Exit the Keychain application.

5. Open the Lync client and sign in with the following info:

Email Address:
Sign in as: Automatic
User ID: lrccd\W0000000 (your W-ID)
Password: your AD password
Check the box for “Remember my Password“.